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Kelley Ryden | How fun for you two. Best of luck with your new venture. Funny though, no matter how much detail and advice that you give to others, NOBODY will ever even come close to what you two can do. Although, most will want to try, and that is what makes a best seller! Again good luck… you two ROCK.

Patrina Odette | “To watch Carrie and Britt in action was amazing, to say the least! They are the original baby whisperers, no kidding! Babies melt in their hands. and bend. and flex. and smile.”

Jinky | “Amazing ..inspiring…thoughtful…captivating… terrific…ok I think that explains Carrie… Between Carrie and Britt…newborns are all wrapped up.. not just literally. And although Carrie is just amazing with her newborns, her eye just spills over into everything she takes. Thanks Carrie for continuing to amaze me.”

“Britt is the Norah Jones of childrens portraiture. Her photographs sing such soulful, pretty and gentle tunes. I hope to follow her work for life…”

Susan Braswell | “You have a God given talent that is untouchable with newborns. You and Britt are going to just rock the California coast and wherever travels may take you.”

Jane W | “so true, just when you think you have seen it all. . . Carrie’s work is original, breathtaking, beautiful and always inspiring. She consistently comes up with new, fresh poses and compositions. Her work is stunning in both black and white and colour. She so obviously has a joy for what she does, and it is reflected in all her work. So, so happy that she shares here”

“britt’s work makes you gasp, it makes you look again and again. she is original and inspired. she captures the beauty in of all her subjects. she notices the tiny details and allows us to see them and love them too. her work is technically beautiful and full of heart! I love Britt’s work.”

Kathy Wolfe | “I have been and will continue to be inspired by Britts amazing talent… I dub her the “baby whisperer” – I have no idea what she does or how she does it – but her work continues to amaze and inspire me – not only her newborn work – but her photography in general – such WONDERFUL WONDERFUL talent!!”

Deb S | “A truly brilliant photographer. A great friend. Hugely inspiring. I truly thank Carrie for her willingness to share her talent and friendship.”

Erin Vey | ”Many people are blessed with gifts and never utilize them to their fullest potential. Brittany has seized the reins in her portrait work and taken off at full speed. She inspires and challenges me to find the simple beauty in a newborn. I always look forward to seeing her beautiful work.”

Jeanette LeBlanc | “Just wanted to say that I’ve always loved your work, but lately you just seem to be soaring. Often imitated, never duplicated :) You rock!.“

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